11:51 PM
LEFT AT: 20/1, 11:51 PM
Well, Jamie, it's just you and me now. You'll wake up in Mass Gen, and with any luck Boyo's safe and sound with you. Meanwhile I"m here, in the past on Saturday, sitting on your bathroom floor all by ourselves at— what time is it?


God, this headache... Listen, I know you're confused, because I'm confused, and I think that's how it works now. And my muscles are sore in places I forgot I had muscles. Because spiders. And I wish I could... tell you that I know how this is supposed to work. But I don't. All I know is that it's you and me. You have to trust me, because I'll come by every once in a while. I want the things you want, because this is my life too.

Just— stay safe, and keep an eye out for Carol. And Cate. And maybe talk to Cap— Carter. Ask him about Ororo when you're there, if he knows what that means. Or maybe do that the other way around? We went through a lot with everyone, so you might want to take some time off and just... I don't know. Do we relax? Is that a thing that we do? I'll leave you a list of people who I think— who I think are good. Who you should be around. I'd want someone to do that for me. You'll find my notes in that drawer underneath your socks.

—and don't be afraid to ask anyone if things start... happening to you. SHIELD training is out of the question, but you'll get the hang of it. Thank Dahlia and Barton and Jake. Maybe send Etta and her boyfriend some, uh, flowers?

(A long pause.)

Look, I just want you to— know the thing it took me all my life to learn. And that's you're stronger than you'll ever know. Even if you have to work at it, that's what matters. That's what Avengers do. And take it from me, that's who you are. I've quit and I've tried to run away from it at every chance, but being part of a world-saving group isn't what being an Avenger is all about. It's not what you call yourself. It's what you do. And you — we — we'll figure this out, Jamie. We'll fight. We'll win, all of us, together.

Don't forget that.

Like someone smart once said. Once an Avenger, always an Avenger.