First things first, ow. Not a lot of time left. I'll answer better next month when I don't feel like I've been haunted by the ghost of Skrulls past. It's been a hectic few days.

Re: 1.

Ozzi's safe. I'm a mom too; he's protected. Barnes (Jake) helps. You can trust him, in so far as any one of us is trustworthy. It's not that we're bad people. It's that in this business (which, I should remind you here, I and we are very retired from), we're all very used to keeping secrets.

Obviously, this business sucks.

Re: 2, 3, and 4:

Sorry about the graffiti, the apartment needed to be demon proofed by a wizard named John. (I know how this sounds. This is our life. Our very retired life.) Ugh, I hate dragons and magic. He's Daisy's (Dahlia's) half-brother? Faux brother? Some kind of brother. Not sure about his name for you right now. Be all nice to him, when you don't feel like punching him in the nose.

Everything else:

Let's do this again. My name is Jessica Drew, and I'm a retired superhero. Sometimes a spy. Once I made a living killing punching aliens. Sometimes they call me Spider-Woman. I've lived nightmares and gone out the other side, and I know how to use a gun even though I'm not the biggest fan. I don't know how to do a lot of things for sure, but I know how to protect us, and that includes Ozzi. I also took a whallop when you ended up at the Mojodome, though I doubt you remember much about that. There were demons this week. And portals. Other kinds of magic. Giant godzilla monsters. This is the part where I remind you Ozzi's fine, in case you're midway through another panic attack where you're thinking about running for it. Which, believe me, I wouldn't blame you for. The amount of times I've tried to outrun... Well, I'm sure you'll find out, someday.

There's a black duffel in the back of the closet. DON'T OPEN IT. God, you're never going to believe I'm an Avenger, where's Cap when you need him. Don't ask where it came from and do not use any of it unless it is an emergency and you're about to get whacked.

You should also be aware that there was an incident. Remember, when I said we were retired? Some of our ... co-workers are not so retired. Natasha was under the influence of something -- someone -- and lost it. Daisy took a hit for us, but Ozzi's safe. This is part of the courtesy report, and you'll find the rest of it on your hard drive about what happened this week, but you should know, I have this handled.

Look, I know that sounds... vague and dangerous. Trust me, I do. But vague and dangerous is part of our life. My life. You know, the secret is that... you don't know how lucky you have it. To just be normal. No aliens, no superpowers... no fucked up history. I wonder, sometimes, what would have happened to me if I had been anything but a spy or an Avenger.

My advice? Find another job, Jamie. It'll be safer this way.

11:59. See you on the other side.